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BARCELONA cOLLECTION des. Mies Van der Rohe

This collection was presented by Mies Van der Rohe at the 1929 Barcelona Universal Exhibition for the German pavilion he designed. On display were the Barcelona chair with pouf, the low table with the same chromed flat drawn structure as well as the daybed, with the same leather upholstery worked in squares quilted with buttons (the bench and sofa will be subsequent developments).
These works implement the principles of the International Style founded by Mies and Le Corbusier: simplicity, functionalism and use of modern materials.
I Grandi Maestri del Design Srl offers its replicas of this collection, faithful to the original models, the work of the best Tuscan craftsmanship.

       Art.1531 Barcelona Chair                                

       Art.1532 Barcelona Stool                           

        Art. 1531/2 Barcelona Sofa                                   

       Art.1239 Barcelona Daybed                    

       Art.1239/2 Barcelona Bench                

       Art.1533 Barcelona Coffee Table