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Barcelona Chair - Mies Van Der Rohe

Mies Van Der Rohe - Barcelona chair and stool in "Florida" leather.
Barcelona chair and stool in "Florida" leather.

Mies Van Der Rohe - Barcelona Chair, belt in thick rump leather.
Mies Van der Rohe - Barcelona chair: cushion corner detail.

Barcelona Chair: side view, belt in thick rump leather and cushion corner details.

Barcelona Chair e Barcelona pouf
des. Mies Van Der Rohe,1929

The Barcelona Chair is a minimalist icon of the International Movement heir to the Bauhaus: "less is more" was in fact the motto of Mies Van Der Rohe who, together with Lilly Reich, presented Barcelona Chair at the 1929 Barcelona Universal Exhibition for the German pavilion, designed by himself.

The Barcelona armchair and ottoman, designed by Mies Van Der Rohe, have a chrome-plated flat drawn structure, polyurethane padding and leather (or fabric) upholstery consisting of 40 panels for the armchair and 16 for the ottoman, cut and sewn by hand with button quilting.

The cushions rest on suspensions formed by 17 thick leather straps in very thick full-grain "rump" leather or in second quality ("frosted") leather for the "Rondò" leather version.
when the combination of colours is not satisfactory, the outer parts of the straps are covered with the same leather as the upholstery.
The upholstery can be in "Anilina Dani" (click colours),"Florida"(click colours), "Nabuk" (click colours), "Giorgia" (click colours) and "Rondò" (click colours) leather.  On demand Velvet fabric (click colours).

We can supply a set of remplacement cushions for your "original" (click servizio tappezzeria).

art. 1531
- Barcelona Chair
cm. L. 75 / P. 76 / H. 77

"Anilina Dani" leather
nice price: €. 2.825,00
special price: €. 1.695,00 (+VAT)
Summer offer € 1.605,00 (+VAT)
"Florida"/Nabuk leather

nice price: €. 2.800,00
special price: €. 1.680,00 (+VAT)
Summer offer € 1.590,00 (+VAT)
"Giorgia" leather
nice price: €. 2.650,00
special price: €. 1.590,00 (+VAT)
Summer offer € 1.500,00 (+VAT)
"Rondò" leather

nice price: €. 2.250,00
special price: €. 1.350,00
Summer offer € 1.275,00 (+VAT)

art. 1532 - Barcelona Stool
cm. L. 61 / P. 59 / H. 37

"Anilina Dani" Leather
nice price: €. 1.400,00
special price: €. 840,00 (+VAT)
Summer offer € 810,00 (+VAT)
"Florida"/Nabuk Leather
nice price: €. 1.400,00
special price: €. 840,00 (+VAT)

Summer offer € 810,00 (+VAT)
"Giorgia" Leather
nice price: €. 1.325,00
special price: €. 795,00 (+VAT)
Summer offer € 765,00 (+VAT)

"Rondò" Leather
nice price: €. 1.075,00
special price: €. 645,00 (+VAT)

Summer offer € 615,00 (+VAT)


Barcelona armchair in the most popular upholstery


Barcelona Chair in black Giorgia leather.
Barcelona Chair in brown Tobacco Florida leather.
Barcelona Chair in Anilina Dani leather.
Barcelona Chair upholstered in black "Giorgia" leather, in tobacco-colored "Florida" leather and in color cream "Anilina Dani".


Barcelona Chair upholstered in velvet fabric.
Barcelona Chair upholstered
in velvet fabric.



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