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Conference tables  


Table "Tube d'Avion" wooden top finish - Tribute to the Master 

Base in black or aluminium lacquered elliptical steel tube. 
A 40mm thick poplar top can be requested:
- black or white laminate plastic borders and top. Also with wooden veneered borders : +5%
- veneered white or black ash wood open pore stained.
- veneered in cherrywood, oak  or ash wood (natural or rosewood, walnut, wengè stained). Other woods veneered on request
Height adjustable top 74,5 - 79,5 cm.

Also available the finishes:
glass top

Also available use desk 

Matching chairs

art. 4530/LA - laminate

cm. 250x100x74,5h
nice price: €. 1.750,00
special price: €. 1.050,00 (+IVA)
cm. 260x100x74,5h

nice price: €. 1.900,00
special price: €. 1.140,00 (+IVA)
cm. 260x110x74,5h
nice price: €. 2.000,00
special price:
€. 1.200,00 (+IVA)

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art.  4530/LE - veneered 

cm. 250x100x74,5h
nice price: €. 2.000,00
special price: €. 1.200,00 (+IVA)
cm. 260x100x74,5h

nice price: €. 2.100,00
special price: €. 1.260,00 (+IVA)
cm. 260x110x74,5h
nice price: €. 2.250,00
special price: €. 1.350,00 (+IVA)

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