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Conference tables  


Table "Tube d'Avion" - des. Le Corbusier, 1929

The base is shaped elliptical steel tube (101-51 cm) built height adjustable (72-77 cm) and proportionate to each top size. It is proposed black matt finish painted; in semi-matt finish are embossed aluminium,pure white (RAL 9010) and traffic white (RAL 9016) colours. Other colors (+10%) can be asked in glossy finish only (click RAL).
The rectangular glass top is 15 mm standard thickness.
Other sizes can be requested.
Also tempered glass
Also extra-clear glass : +20%
Also 19 mm thickness: +15%

Lawer sizes for desk use click!

Also available the finishes :
wooden top

The table can also be made for outdoor use by a special painting of the base (+10%); only in glossy finish colours (click RAL).

Matching chairs 

art. 4530

cm. 250x100x72h
nice price: €. 1.450,00
special price: €. 870,00 (+ IVA)
cm. 260x100x72h
nice price: €. 1.500,00
special price: €. 900,00 (+ IVA)
cm. 260x110x72h

nice price: €. 1.650,00
special price: €. 990,00 (+ IVA)
cm. 260x120x72h
nice price: €. 1.700,00
special price: €. 1.020,00 (+ IVA)