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Mies Van Der Rohe

Daybed Brcelona - Mies Van Der Rohe.

Détail daybed Barcelona - Mies Van Der Rohe.

Barcelona Couch - Mies Van Der Rohe, 1929

Barcelona Couch, designed by Mies Van Der Rohe, is a walnut stained or black lacquered solid wooden frame and chromium-plated steel tube legs.
The polyurethane mattress, lying on thick cowhide belting straps suspension, is covered with stitched ìn square "Anilina Dani" leather (click colours),"Florida" leather (click colours), Nabuk (click colours), "Giorgia" leather (click colours) or "Rondò" (click colours)  or "Linosa" fabric (click colours), microfibre type "Alcantara" (click colours) or syntethic leather (click colours).
Individual panels are cut, hand welted and hand-tufted with leather and buttons produced from a single cowhide.

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art. 1239 - Barcelona couch
cm. L. 97 P. 195 h. 42/62

"Anilina Dani" leather

nice price: € 3.600,00
special price:
€ 2.160,00 (+VAT)
"Florida" leather/Nabuk
nice price: € 3.550,00
special price:
€ 2.130,00 (+VAT)
"Giorgia" leather
nice price: € 3.150,00
special price: € 1.890,00 (+VAT)
"Rondò" leather
nice price: € 2.900,00
special price: € 1.740,00 (+VAT)
nice price: € 2.850,00
special price:
€ 1.710,00 (+VAT)
"Linosa" fabric
nice price: € 2.800,00
special price:
€ 1.680,00 (+VAT)
syntethic leather
nice price: € 2.600,00
special price:
€ 1.560,00 (+VAT)