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Conference tables : Eero Saarinen 




Conference Tulip Table - des. Eero Saarinen -

Veneered top finish

The base is white or black lacquered heavy moulded cast aluminium. The Mdf top is 2,5 cm. thick and is beveled edge finished. It can be oak or ashwood veneered (natural or black, white, walnut, cerrywood or venge stained).
Other wood veneerings as walnut, cherrywood , vengé (+10%) , palissander (+15%) can be requested.
The top can be drilled for passing electric cables coming from the base.

Also available the finishes :
in all sizes
leather top
laminate top
marbre top
rectangular top

Matching chairs

art. 2353FRA - oval ashwood top

180x110x72h cm
nice price: €. 2.200,00
special price: €. 1.320,00 (+IVA)
199x121x 72h cm
nice price: €  2.300,00
special price : € 1.380,00 (+IVA)
224x127x 72h cm

nice price: €  2.500,00
special price : € 1.500,00 (+IVA)
244x127x 72h cm
nice price: €  1.650,00
special price : € 2.750,00 (+IVA)