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Florence table with marble top

Florence Table, design by Florence Knoll: Calacatta Oro marble top.


Florence Table - Calacatta or Calacatta Oro classico marble top
des. Florence Knoll, 1961

Florence Table, designed by Florence Knoll, has chromed base that consists of four aluminum spokes and steel with a central steel column.
The top (2 cm. thick) is natural Calacatta or Calacatta Oro classico marble.The top rest on a Mdf under-top able to join top and base, to be fixed by means of screws.
It is beveled edge finished. The marble top can be coated polyester finished for total stain protection: prices from time to time.

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art. 9552/MA - Florence Table
round marble Calacatta top

Ø 137xh.72 cm.
nice price: €. 5.350,00
special price: €. 3.210,00 (+VAT)
Ø 160xh.72 cm.
nice price: €. 6.500,00
special price: €. 3.900,00 (+VAT)
Ø 180xh.72 cm.
nice price: €. 7.500,00
special price: €. 4.500,00 (+VAT)

art. 9553/MA - Florence Table
round marble Calacatta top

199x121xh.72 cm.
nice price: €. 6.250,00
special price: €. 3.750,00 (+VAT)
 224x127xh.72 cm.
nice price: €. 7.000,00
special price: €. 4.200,00 (+VAT)
244x137xh.72 cm.
nice price: €. 8.000,00
special price: €. 4.800,00 (+VAT)