Dining tables 


"Florence table" - Verde Alpi marble top finish

The chromed base consists of four aluminum spokes and steel with a central steel column.
The top (2 cm. thick) is an Italian marble coming from Val d'Aosta, also cold "Verde Alpi".It is clear green veinings on a dark green background.The top rest on a Mdf under-top able to join top and base, to be fixed by means of screws.
It is beveled edge finished.

Also available the finishes:

laminate top
colored laminate top
wooden top
leather top 
rectangular top  

art. 9552/MA

Ø 137xh.72 cm
nice price: €. 3.400,00
special price: €. 2.040,00 (+IVA)
Ø 160xh.72 cm
nice price: €. 4.000,00
special price: €. 2.400,00 (+IVA)

art. 9553/MA

 199x121xh.72 cm
nice price: €. 3.900,00
special price: €. 2.340,00 (+IVA)
224x127xh.72 cm
nice price: €. 4.250,00
special price:
€. 2.550,00 (+IVA)

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