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Tulip table - Eero Saarinen

Conference Tulip Table with laminate top - Eero Saarinen.    
Detail Conference Tulip Table with laminate top - Eero Saarinen.    Conference Tulip Table with laminate top: detail. 

Conference Tulip Table with laminate top
des. Eero Saarinen, 1956

The "Pedestal" collection (table and chairs) was born from Eero Saarinen's need for order, "to do away with the chaos of the legs" under the table top.
And here are the chalice pedestals that seem stolen from the future (it is not for nothing that the "Tulip table" set the television series "Star Trek" in the 1960s).
I Grandi Maestri del Design Srl offers its replicas of this collection, faithful to the original models, the work of the best Tuscan craftsmanship.

The office Tulip table, with laminate top, design by Eero Saarinen, has base is in white or black lacquered heavy molded cast aluminium. 
The MDF top is 2,5 cm. thick and is beveled edge finished; it is white or black "liquid laminate" laquered (a hard lacquer with scratch-proof and spot-proof characteristics). It rest on a MDF under-top able to join top and base, to be fixed by means of screws.
The table is offered in the following versions:
- fluid laminated lacquer top finish (with anti-scratch and anti-stain characteristics) in matt black and white colors;
- Hpl plastic laminate top finish n white or black: + 20%;
- water-repellent Mdf top for outdoors covered in white or black Hpl plastic laminate (click prices).

The top can be drilled for passing electric cables coming from the base.

Also available the finishes :
in all sizes
leather top
wooden top
marbre top 
rectangular top


Ø 120xh.73 cm.
nice price: € 1.025,00
special price: € 615,00 (+ VAT)
Summer offer € 585,00 (+VAT)
Ø 127xh.73 cm.
nice price: € 1.125,00
special price: € 675,00 (+ VAT)
Summer offer € 645,00 (+VAT)
Ø 137xh.73 cm

nice price: € 1.425,00
special price: € 855,00(+VAT)
Summer offer € 825,00 (+VAT)
Ø 150xh.73 cm
nice price: € 1.825,00
special price: € 1.095,00 (+VAT)
Summer offer € 1.050,00 (+VAT)
Ø 160xh.73 cm
nice price: € 1.900,00
special price: € 1.140,00 (+VAT)
Summer offer € 1.080,00 (+VAT)
Ø 170xh.73 cm
nice price: € 1.950,00
special price: € 1.170,00 (+ VAT)
Summer offer € 1.125,00 (+VAT)
Ø 180xh.73 cm
nice price: € 2.050,00
special price: € 1.230,00 (+VAT)
Summer offer € 1.200,00 (+VAT)

170x110xh.73 cm.
nice price: € 1.600,00
special price: € 960,00 (+ VAT)
Summer offer € 900,00 (+VAT)
180x110xh.73 cm

nice price: € 1.650,00
special price: € 990,00 (+ VAT)
Summer offer € 930,00 (+VAT)
199x121xh.73 cm
nice price: € 1.750,00
special price: € 1.050,00 (+ VAT)
Summer offer € 990,00 (+VAT)
224x127xh.73 cm
nice price: € 2.000,00
special price: € 1.200,00 (+VAT)
Summer offer € 1.125,00 (+VAT)
244x137xh.73 cm
nice price: € 2.150,00
special price: € 1.290,00 (+VAT)
Summer offer € 1.215,00 (+VAT)

280x148xh.73 cm.
nice price: €. 4.300,00
special price: €. 2.580,00 (+VAT)
300x154xh.73 cm.
nice price: €. 5.000,00
special price:
€. 3.000,00 (+VAT)

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