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Ghirlanda collection - Tulip Table

Ghirlanda collection - Modular conference Tulip table with leather top finish - Tribute to Eero Saarinen.


Collezione Ghirlanda - Modular conference Tulip Table with leather top finish
Tribute to Eero Saarinen 

Modular table without length limits.
The base consists of two "Tulip" pedestals, in white or black lacquered cast aluminum.
The MDF top, with a straight edge 4 cm. thick, is a whole piece for the 300 cm. size only, while for the higher sizes it is obtained by assembling three parts. The table top is "Giorgia" leather (click colours) covered.
The top can be drilled for passing electric cables coming from the base. 

Also available the finishes :
laminate plastic top
wooden top                                                     


art. 2456/PE - Ghirlanda Collection
Tulip Table with leather top

cm. 290x120xh.74 - posti 10
nice price: €. 5.250,00
special price: €. 3.150,00 (+VAT)
cm. 360x120xh.74 - posti 12

nice price: €. 6.400,00
special price: €. 3.840,00 (+VAT)
cm. 430x125xh.74 - posti 14-16
nice price: €. 8.000,00
special price: €. 4.800,00 (+VAT)
cm. 500x130xh.74 - posti 16-18
nice price: €. 9.000,00
special price: €. 5.400,00 (+VAT)


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