Coverings and colours 

LEATHER AND thick leather (cuoio)
Bovine leather is a waste from the food industry which, through the tanning and retanning process, can be reused.
The actual leather is obtained mainly through chrome tanning while the thick leather, a type of very rigid leather, is the result of vegetable tanning with tannin, obtained from wood processing waste: the total ecological value of the thick leather must therefore be considered.
At a certain point in the process the leather is "split" into three parallel layers: the upper layer constitutes the "flower" with the natural design of the leather (grain), the intermediate layer will be sanded to give a printed grain while the final part constitutes the "crust" which will also be worked.
All these types of leather, although of different economic value, are of equal dignity if correctly dedicated to the product that requires them.

By "full grain" we mean the highest quality quality without corrective interventions on the natural grain of the leather. By "leather" we mean the flower-printed hypodermis.
Full-grain thick leather (cuoio) is often used by the Bauhaus Masters as a load-bearing function for their innovative cantilever  chairs (Mart Stam, Marcel Breuer, Mies Van der Rohe); when it comes to covering other materials, the thinnest "cuoietto" is indicated (for example for the Arne Jacobsen "7" chair).
  • Arancio
  • Avorio 14B
  • Avorio
  • Azzurro
  • Bianco
  • Blu
  • Bordeaux
  • Crema
  • Giallo
  • Grigio chiaro
  • Grigio
  • Naturale
  • Rosso bulgaro
  • Rosso scuro
  • Rosso vivo
  • Tabacco
  • Testa di moro
  • Verde acido
  • Verde scuro
  • Viola

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We propose various types of leather upholstery:

Elegant and soft, “Anilina Dani” is a pigmented full grain leather through –dyeing aniline. Full and rich hand creates a fluid motion to the article. The touch is delicate. The quality of this leather is primarily linked with the raw material, it begins by selecting the best European hides for then be enhanced by the tanning and the processing carried out entirely in Italy by F.lli Dani SpA.
Thickness: 1,3/1,5 mm

  • 9000 Bianco
  • 9320 Bianco latte
  • 9330 Avorio
  • 9080 Giallo
  • 9100 Cuoio
  • 9110 Tabacco
  • 9120 Marrone
  • 9280 Cacao
  • 9130 Testa di moro
  • 9240 Arancio
  • 9270 Mattone
  • 9140 Rosso rubino
  • 9150 Rosso scuro
  • 9290 Bordeaux
  • 9170 Verde
  • 9210 Blu
  • 9180 Grigio chiaro
  • 9190 Grigio scuro
  • 9300 Nero

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"F.lli Dani SpA" obtains this "Nabuck" by gently smoothing the flower of a superior European bovine skin. It looks like a soft hand skin with a velvety touch that over time forms a beautiful patina. This "Nabuck" passes 3M water and oil repellency tests.

  • Nabuk Creta
  • Nabuk Seppia
  • Nabuk Black
  • Nabuk Camel
  • Nabuk Marrone
  • Nabuk Nut
  • Nabuk Testa di Moro

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Floral leather by "F.lli Dani", 1.2-1.4 mm thick. It has a smooth appearance, is silky to the touch and very resistant. It is offered in 100 colours (click).

  • Florida Leather
Correct-grain leather obtained from European bulls and tanned in Italy. It is 1.2/1 .4 mm thick leather that is soft to the touch.

  • Giorgia Nero 89001
  • Giorgia Antracite 77440
  • Giorgia Blu 77441
  • Giorgia verde bottiglia 530
  • Giorgia Testa di Moro 74626
  • Giorgia Bordeaux scuro 71048
  • Giorgia Bordeaux 550
  • Giorgia Rosso Scuro 20018
  • Giorgia Rosso 62364
  • Giorgia Tabacco 74625
  • Giorgia Cuoio 410
  • Giorgia Cognac 56323
  • Giorgia Grigio 80225
  • Giorgia Tortora 53737
  • Giorgia Grigio chiaro 80226
  • Giorgia Beige 2101
  • Giorgia Bianco 5001
  • Giorgia Avorio 290
  • Giorgia Bianco Latte 200
Natural grain aniline half grain leather. Uneven skin, soft to the touch and semi-glossy appearance. Thickness 0.8 / 1 mm.

  • Cognac
  • biscotto
  • marrone
  • Cacao
  • Bordeaux
  • Terra
  • Verde
  • Nero

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Bovine leather, printed grain cowhide 1.3-1.5 mm thick, soft to the touch.

  • Rondò Nero
  • Rondò Antracite 411
  • Rondò Testa di Moro 490
  • Rondò Bordeaux 416
  • Rondò Rosso 415
  • Rondò Marrone 5583
  • Rondò cuoio 5014
  • Rondò Caffelatte 740026
  • Rondò Orzo188
  • Rondò Nocciola 409
  • Rondò Tortora 410
  • Rondò Sabbia 198
  • Rondò Avorio uno 80227
  • Rondò Avorio due 400
  • Rondò panna 401
  • Rondò Beige 05
  • Rondò Cipria 402
  • Rondò Bianco ghiaccio 185
  • Rondò Bianco
  • Rondò grigio chiaro 199
  • Rondò Grigio 197
  • Rondò grigio scuro 16

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We offer various types of fabrics:

"Blossom" is a modern short-pile velvet, 100% polyester in sustainable and recycled polyester (52%), totally biodegradable. Not prone to dents, it is stain-resistant and machine washable. The colors palette was developed from the shades of the flowers (technical description).

    Trama tessuto velluto Col. 206 - MagnoliaCol. 316 - Summerina Brown Flower Col. 319 Apricot Passion Rose Col. 626 Pink Wax FlowerCol. 627 Fragrant Delight Col. 521 About faceCol. 409 Goldenrod Col. 721 - Love in mist Col. 724 - Empire Blue Butterfly Col. 723 - Blue Star Flower Col. 920 Salvia Argentea Col. 318 Bush Rose Col. 317 Hybrid Tea Col.727 - Silver Bay Col. 728 - Cotton Lavander Col. 816 - Green Jade Flower Col. 817 - Green Dianthus Col. 919 -Silver BushCol. 999 - Calla Lily Black 

In the large box the texture of the fabric, in the small ones the colors. Click on the samples to read the color.

"BioCotton" is a 100% cotton smooth velvet, with a 24% recycled component and GRS marking that certifies the sustainability of its production. (technical description).

    Trama tessuto velluto Biocotone liscio Velluto BioCotone col. 3115 ecrouVelluto BioCotone col. 3105 bianco latte Velluto BioCotone col. 3109 marrone chiaro Velluto Biocotone col. 3101 gialloVelluto BioCotone col. 3080 rosso Velluto BioCotone col. 3084 bordeaux Velluto BioCotone col. 3093 viola Velluto BioCotone col. 3005 - Blu Velluto BioCotone col. 3079 grigio 

In the large box the texture of the fabric, in the small ones the colors. Click on the samples to read the color.

      "LINOSA FABRIC" (63% cotton - 37% linen):

    Linosa fabric weave 1-Linosa Bianco Ottico 2-Linosa Bianco latte 7-Linosa Beige 11-Linosa Caffelatte 16-Linosa Marrone chiaro 17-Linosa Marrone scuro 25-Linosa Viola 30-Linosa Rosa 31-Linosa Rosso 35-Linosa Bordeaux42-Linosa Giallo 50-Liniosa verde 62-Linosa azzurra 66-Linosa Blu 73-Linosa Grigio Chiaro  75-Linosa Grigio Scuro  78-Linosa Nero

In the large box the texture of the fabric, in the small ones the colors. Click on the samples to read the color.  

(technical description)

  • Cotone 01-Bianco ottico
  • Cotone 02-Bianco latte
  • Cotone 07-Marrone
  • Cotone 12-Verde
  • Cotone 14-Giallo
  • Cotone 15-Arancio
  • Cotone 16-Rosso
  • Cotone 17-Rosso scuro
  • Cotone 19-Vinaccia
  • Cotone 20-Viola
  • Cotone 29-Azzurro
  • Cotone 31-Blu notte
  • Colore 32-Grigio Perla
  • Cotone 34-Grigio
  • Cotone 35-Antracite
  • Colore 36-Nero

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It’s a strong and easy to maintain polyester-based microfiber. It is characterized by a fine velvety smooth surface and an extraordinary intensity of colours. “Microfiber” is water repellent, 30 colors available.

  • Microfibra blu  13239
  • Microfivra azzurro 13242
  • microfibra verde 13245
  • microfibra grigio chiaro 13235
  • microfibra grigio scuro 13241
  • microfibra rosa 13225
  • microfibra rosso 13221
  • microfibra bordeaux 13320
  • microfibra camoscio 13227
  • microfibra marrone  13226

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"WOOL FABRIC" (80% wool, 20% polyamide). Wool in its purest form, a cloth of great value:

  • Lana arancio
  • Lana Fucsia
  • Lana viola
  • Lana azzurra
  • Lana blu notte
  • Lana blu
  • Lana verde chiarissimo
  • Lana verde medio
  • Lana verde scuro
  • Lana bordeaux

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"SMACK ANTI-STAIN FABRIC": 100% polyester (technical description). Liquids do not penetrate the fibres and can be removed simply with a cloth. Stains can be removed using mainly water.
Machine washable at maximum 30°, do not bleach, do not spin, and do not tumble dry. Do not use tetrachloroethylene. Arrange vertically to dry. Low temperature stretchable fabric.

  • tessuto Smack 3214-Ecrou
  • Tessuto Smack 3215-Nocciola
  • Tessuto Smack 3218-Bianco Latte
  • Tessuto Smack 3219-Bianco Ottico
  • Tessuto Smack 3220-Grigio
  • Tessuto Smack 3221-Grigio perla
  • Tessuto Smack 3223-Rosso
  • Tessuto Smack 3224-Mattone
  • Tessuto Smack 3227-Giallo
  • Tessuto Smack 3228-Bordeaux
  • Tessuto Smack 3234-Verde
  • Tessuto Smack 3236-Carta da zucchero
  • Tessuto Smack 3238-Blu
  • Tessuto Smack 3239-Nero

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"ECO-LEATHER": (76% PVC - 2% PU - 22% PES) flame retardant upholstery (technical description):
Soft-handed, similar to that of real leather.

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  • Bianco
  • Arancio
  • Rosso
  • Nero

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