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Coffee tables 

Coffe Table - Tribute to Isamo Noguchi

Coffe Table - Tribute to Isamo Noguchi.

Coffe Table - Tribute to Isamo Noguchi.

"Coffee table" - Tribute to Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi is remembered in Pietrasanta, under the Apuan Alps, among the great sculptors who stopped here in search of the purest material: it is here that the Master conceived his most famous sculptures.
For this reason, admiring the table-sculpture with a wooden base designed for Knoll, the idea is immediate that returning it to the beloved marble material would have pleased the Master.

Sculpture coffee table with base structure in honed white Carrara marble and 15 mm glass top.
Also available with wooden structure.

art. 2628 - Coffe table
cm. L. 128 / H. 40 / P. 92,5

Price on request