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Armchairs and pouf

grand Confort, Petit Modèle armchair

Armchair Grand Confort, Petit Modèle. Armchair Grand Confort, Petit Modèle.

Armchair Grand Confort, Petit Modèle.  Pouf Grand Confort, Petit Modèle.

"Grand Confort, Petit Modèle" armchair

Grand Confort, Petit Modèle is an armchair with a chromium plated or lacquered (click RAL) steel tube frame. Removable cushions in polyurethane with extra filling in the top part of the seat. Removable covering in various types of leather such as "Anilina Dani" (click colours), "Florida"(click colours), "Giorgia"(click colours) and "Rondò" leather (click colours) or in "Linosa" fabric (click colours) and in synthetic leather (click colours).
On request in "Vintage" leather (click colours) or other coverings also supplied by the customer.
We also provide the set of pillows and the cushions covers but only for the items of our production.(click upholstery service).

Also available sofa  



art. 1520 - Grand Confort, Petit Modèle
Armchair  -
L. 76/H.68/P.70

 "Anilina Dani" leather
nice price: € 2.450,00
special price: € 1.470,00 (+VAT)
 "Florida" leather
nice price: € 2.400,00
special price: € 1.440,00 (+VAT)
 "Giorgia" leather
nice price: € 1.950,00
special price: € 1.170,00 (+VAT)
 "Rondò" leather
nice price: € 1.700,00
special price: €  1.020,00 (+VAT)
"Linosa" fabric
nice price: € 1.650,00
special price: € 990,00 (+VAT)
synthetic leather
nice price: € 1.550,00
special price: € 930,00 (+VAT)

art. 1521 - Grand Confort, Petit Modèle
Pouf -
L. 72/H.40/P.57

"Anilina Dani" leather
nice price: € 1.500,00
special price: € 900,00 (+VAT)
"Florida" leather
nice price: € 1.475,00
special price: € 885,00 (+VAT)
"Giorgia" leather
nice price: € 1.325,00
special price: € 795,00 (+VAT)
"Rondò" leather
nice price: € 1.200,00
special price: € 720,00 (+VAT)
"Linosa" fabric
nice price: € 1.150,00
special price: € 690,00 (+VAT)
synthetic leather
nice price: € 1.100,00
special price: € 660,00

 For Uk flame retardant version BS 7176-1995 of the Grand Confort, Petite Modèle armchair and pouf go to Flame retardant furniture catalogue
(only importers and traders)