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Swivel turning chairs  

Desk armchair  - Tribute to C.Eames

Swivel armchair in natural or black lacquered bended rosewood shell. The covering is with "Giorgia" leather (click couleurs) or "Anilina Dani" leather (click couleurs). Supporting frame in aluminium fusion in black lacquered but with the upper sides of the feet in shiny polished aluminium. The chair is provided with wheels and an adjustable mechanism for both height and swivel.



art. 2990
-  cm. L.83/P.82/h.105

"Anilina Dani" leather
nice price: €. 2.850,00
special price: €. 1.710,00 (+IVA)

"Giorgia" leather
nice price: €. 2.650,00
special price: €. 1.590,00 (+IVA)