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DayBed - "Tribute to Eileen Gray"

Sofa bed with electro-welded steel base and rubber mattress measuring 160x197x7h cm, obtained from the "DayBed" by E.Gray. The transformation is not externally perceptible: Eileen Gray's masterpiece has not undergone any changes in its external measurements.
Upholstery "Anilina Dani" leather (click colours), "Giorgia" leather (click colours) or  "Rondò" leather (click colours).
Also available sofa

art. 8324/PL - cm 190X85X61/41h closed bad size
cm 220X190X130h open bad size
cm 152X186X7h mattress size

"Anilina Dani" leather
nice price: € 5.300,00
special price: € 3.180,00 (+ IVA)
"Giorgia" leather
nice price: € 4.900,00
special price: € 2.940,00 (+ IVA)
"Rondò" leather
nice price: € 4.650,00
special price: € 2.790,00 (+ IVA)