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"Dormeuse Paolina" - Sofabed 

"Dormeuse" with "capitonné" finish, in solid wood supporting frame covered with polyurethane foam. Upholstery is in "Anilina Dani" leather (click colours), "Vintage" leather (click colours), "Giorgia" leather (click colours), "Nappa" leather (click colours), velvet fabric (click colours) or microfiber "type Alcantara" (click colours) available.

Also available :
armchair and pouf


art. 6731 cm. 230x115x75h
195x80x15h cm mattress

"Anilina Dani" leather
nice price: €. 4.500,00
special price: €. 2.700,00 (+IVA)
"Vintage" leather
nice price: €. 4.300,00
special price:
€. 2.580,00 (+IVA)
"Giorgia" leather
nice price: €. 4.000,00
special price:
€. 2.400,00 (+IVA)

"Nappa" leather
nice price: €. 3.350,00
special price:
€. 2.010,00 (+IVA)
velvet fabric
nice price: €. 3.300,00
special price: €. 1.980,00 (+IVA)
nice price: €. 3.000,00
special price: €. 1.800,00 (+IVA)