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Sofa beds and beds 


"Cadimare" sofa bed 

Cadimare is a sofa-bed with eletric-welded steel bedsprings and spring mattress. Removable back feather pillows, irremovable polyurethane seat pillows. Upholstery in "Ester" fabric (click colours) or "Giorgia" leather (click colours).
On request also sofa (without bed).

Art. 8022/PL
sofa 195X95X85h cm
spring mattress 145X190X15h cm

"Giorgia" leather
nice price: €. 4.900,00
special price: €. 2.940,00 (+ IVA)

"Ester" fabric

nice price: €. 3.900,00
special price:€. 2.340,00 (+ IVA)


Art. 8023/PL
sofa 210X95X85h cm
spring mattress 160X190X15h cm

"Giorgia" leather
nice price: €. 5.150,00
special price : €.3.090,00 (+ IVA)

"Ester" fabric

nice price: €. 4.100,00
special price:€. 2.460,00 (+ IVA)