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"Cadimare" sofa bed 

Cadimare is a sofa-bed with eletric-welded steel bedsprings and spring mattress. Removable back feather pillows, irremovable polyurethane seat pillows. Upholstery in "Panama" fabric cotton 100% (click colours) or "Box" leather (click colours).
On request also sofa (without bed).

Art. 8022/PL
sofa 195X95X85h cm
spring mattress 145X190X15h cm

"Box" leather
nice price: € 4.900,00
special price: € 2.940,00 (+ IVA)

nice price: € 3.900,00
special price:€ 2.340,00 (+ IVA)


Art. 8023/PL
sofa 210X95X85h cm
spring mattress 160X190X15h cm

"Box" leather
nice price: € 5.250,00
special price : € 3.150,00 (+ IVA)

nice price: € 4.100,00
special price:€ 2.460,00 (+ IVA)