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Leather on metal frame chairs : Mies Van Der Rohe

Mies Van Der Rohe

"Flat Bar BRNO chair" - Mies Van Der Rohe,1927

This is a chair with armrests of flat bar steel with a mirror chrome plated finish . The seat has an inner wood frame cushioned polyurethane, upholstering in “Giorgia” leather (click colours) or "Rondò" leather" (click colours) or "Pony" (brown-white-black, white-black, white-brown or totally black).
The Pony version in the photo shows BRNO chair with uncovered armrests produced by “Berliner Metalgewerbe Josef Muller” from 1930 to 1960.

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art. 1237 - cm. L. 57 / P. 57 / h. 76

"Giorgia" leather *
nice price: € 1.225,00
special price:
€ 735,00 (+ IVA)
"Rondò" leather
nice price: € 1.150,00
special price: € 690,00 (+ IVA)
nice price: € 1.625,00
special price: € 975,00 (+ IVA)

minimum 2 pieces