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Flame retardant catalogue

" Hobby "sofa and modular sofa

Flame retardant sofas and modular sofas made with polyurethane frame on wood. Covering in leather and synthetic leather.

Also available armchair and pouf 

art. 8002 igni - 2 seater sofa cm. 144x72x64h

art. 8003 igni - 3 seater sofa cm. 196x72x64h

art. 8004 igni - 4 seater sofa cm. 248x72x64h

Modular sofa components :

art. 8002/T igni - ending 2 seater cm. 124x72x64h.

art. 8003/T igni - ending 3 seater cm. 176x72x64h.

art. 8004/T igni - ending 4 seater cm. 228x72x64h.

art. 8002/C igni - central 2 seater cm. 104x72x64h.

art. 8003/C igni - central 3 seater cm. 156x72x64h.

art. 8004/C igni - central 4 seater cm. 208x72x64h.

art. 8005/C igni - central 5 seater cm. 260x72x64h.

T: with one armrest
C: armless

Price on request