Flame retardant catalogue : Eileen Gray

"Day bed " - des. Eileen Gray, 1925

Chromium-plated steel tube frame. Wood supporting frame, wadding and polyurethane foam upholstery. Leather covering

art. 1324 igni - cm. L. 190 / P. 85 / H. 61-41

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"Day bed " sofa bed - Tribute to Eileen Gray

Highly confortable sofabed with electric-welded steel bed springs and springs mattress.
"DayBed" sofabed trasfromation is not perceptible: no external variation had been made to the Eileen Gray masterpiece, not even in size.

art. 8324/PL - cm 190X85X61/41h closed bed dimension
cm 240X190X130h open bed dimension
cm 160X197X10h matress dimension

Price on request