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Chairs  : "Il Golfo" collection 



Steel chromed cantilever frame. The internal steel frame is covered with polyurethane foam and the beck is ergonomic owing to a spiral spring.
Upholstering is in "Nappa" leather  (click colours), "Giorgia" leather (click colours)  or in Microfiber (click colours).

See chair with arms.

See "Il Golfo" collection


Art. 6732  - cm. L.51 P.53 H.90

"Nappa" leather
nice price: €. 475,00
special price: €. 285,00 (+IVA)
"Giorgia" leather
nice price: €. 515,00
special price: €. 309,00 (+IVA)
nice price: €. 435,00
special price: €. 261,00 (+IVA)